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Breathing holds a vital and important key relating to the life force required to maintain health, harmony, peace, vitality and success in life.   We don't live long without breathing and yet most people don't breathe well.  If you are only half breathing, you are really only half alive!   The lack of awareness around breathing, and poor breathing habits contribute to a lot of stress, struggle and unnecessary discomfort!


Life force is life energy, it is the power that sustains you in your daily life, it animates your body and allows you to think, speak and act. It is a vital part of life. Without life force you cannot exist in a physical body, it's the juice you use to live your life.


Breathing gives life... with every conscious breath you take, you amplify the flow of energy in your mind and body filling you with aliveness, radiance, vitality and yes you guessed it, precious life force.  It works very fast taking a busy and stressed mind to stillness and quiet, a tight, contracted body to peace and relaxation in one session.  Breathing purifies the body and mind and leaves you feeling released and free! 


What is breathwork and what happens during a breathwork session?

Breathwork is a connected breathing process that empowers and fills you with an extraordinary amount of energy, replenishing and expanding your personal supply of energy. You are literally breathing in pure, vibrant, pulsating intelligence or life force into every cell of your body.

The feeling is such, that you have plugged yourself into a power source and flicked the switch to on. You feel a wonderful current of electricity or energy surging through your body, pulsating with aliveness, and lifting your cells to a higher vibration. It transforms dense, sluggish energy into fresh, pure, clean supply.  It’s an amazing experience that transforms you at a deep cellular level.…  It's a journey into the deeper aspects of yourself.  It will lead you on an incredible journey, unfolding and revealing your greatest, inherent, human potential.  

In the final stages of a breathwork session, you enter into a state of profound stillness and deep peace. You won’t want to come out!  Even skeptics come out of the session saying... 

That was amazing!


The life-force built up by breathing permeates deep unconscious cellular patterning which literally generates movement in the cells of the body. This increased cellular movement unravels and dissolves old, unresolved issues caught in the body and starts an alchemical process which creates a feeling of space, stillness and peace in the mind and body.  This is quite an amazing and delicious experience, and that's why people don't want to come out of it!  


Do yourself a favour and have a spring clean and rejuvenation treatment on the inside where it counts...   Master your breathing...   Master your life!




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The uses and potential for Breathing are unlimited.  Conscious breathing releases stress fast, effectively giving you more clarity, energy and power in your life.


The breath is one of your greatest gifts, learn to respect it and to use it wisely, and it will not only release you from your past and bring you into a state of internal peace and freedom, it will also feed the cells of your body... bringing balance, aliveness and rejuvenation.  


Christine Savage is a gifted teacher, breathworker and healer. She is a master in working on all levels, particularly using altered states. She works with compassion, love and humour.  

I have referred patients to her where they have had profound healings and transformations, and would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone wanting personal growth and healing.  

Dr Ranjani Ratnam

Medical Doctor


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