Benefits of Breathing                    


What breathing does for you...


  •  Relieves stress
  •  Relieves anxiety
  •  Releases cluttered & busy thoughts
  •  Releases tension from the physical body
  •  Balances the nervous system
  •  Balances the left & right brain hemispheres
  •  Releases density from the cells of the body
  •  Energizes the cells of the body
  •  Supports holistic health
  •  Brings the mind & body into a state of coherence
  •  Uncovers greater human potential



What breathing brings to you...


  • Mental Clarity
  • Better health  
  • Relief from stress & anxiety  
  • Increased personal power  
  • Internal peace & calm
  • Physical relaxation  
  • Increased energy levels  
  • More internal space  
  • Greater emotional balance  
  • Increased lightness & freedom  
  • Increased self awareness  
  • Expansion of consciousness



How does breathing increase Personal Power?   

When a person is stressed their breathing becomes shallow and at times stops all together, this is a disempowering state.  A feeling of helplessness, hopelessness and overwhelm takes over.

Breathing is an innate gift, we alway have it with us, we don’t have to run to the shop to buy it, we can't forget it and... it’s economical.     

Once practise is applied and breathing becomes a skill, the person then has the  ability to maintain internal balance anywhere, any time and in any circumstance.  When it's practised with awareness it leads to empowerment and freedom...  from the inside out!



When harmony and balance are present...


  • New learning can take place
  • New thinking can be introduced
  • New choices can be made
  • New behaviours are born
  • Freedom is achieved!




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