Breathwork Groups
Breathwork Groups

Running monthly since 1996

       Sooooo relaxed you'll be floating


Alchemy of Breath

Experience the Secret is in your cells


The breath has the magical power to liberate you and bring you into peace, harmony and balance.

Breath is the bridge between the conscious, unconscious and higher mind. Proper breathing has a direct effect on the unification of the body, mind and spirit, bringing a feeling of incredible stillness, peace and freedom.  This process has an integrative influence on people, producing a cohesive, aligned and coherent human being.  Deep breathing has an automatic and significant, alchemical effect which propels a deep cellular purification process into action during a breathwork session.   

This type of breathing moves deep levels of accumulated pollution sitting in the tissues of the body and the recesses of the mind.   This process is not only profoundly transformative, it has real health benefits.

Breathing is the bridge between stress and relaxation, pollution and purity, pain and peace, struggle and freedom.  It brings spirit into matter, affecting every cell in the body in a positive, life giving way.   


Good Bye To Stress, Anxiety & A Busy Mind...   



Breathing is the elixir of life!  

Your cells hold the secret to who you really are, they are alive, aware and communicating!



2019 Dates











  $190 per session




     20% DISC

     SAVE   $190

                           ***Special Bulk Buy***  

  Buy a '5 Block' up front             

                               Pay  ONLY $760


      Don't pay $190 per session    PAY ONLY $152 per session & SAVE!

                   Not transferable & must be used within 12 months of purchase  


  All Souls -  48 Bay Rd, Sandringham  (Parking in Sims St, Behind venue)


  9.30am  -  3.30pm Approximately   


 Doona, Pillow, Towel Or Mat


 Bring lunch to share -  (Tea & Coffee provided)


                                                                                                      1  Session   $190 + GST


                       ***Special Offer***     

                          20% Discount         '5 Block'  Sessions    ONLY $760 + GST






What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is a highly effective and simple breathing technique that cleans & purifies the body, mind and spirit.   The breath releases, replenishes, rejuvenates and enlivens you on every level of your Being. It is a highly transformational process!


What does Breathwork do for you?

It is a truly unique and super fast 'STRESS BUSTER' bringing you into stillness and peace in Body, Mind and Soul. It is a powerful wellness builder leaving you spacious and profoundly relaxed. As built up stress is released from the body, the heart opens bringing a feeling of stillness, joy and freedom.


Breathing energizes and oxygenates the cells of the body into a more alive and healthy state of well-being. It is an integrative process and at the end of the session you will experience a deep connection like you’ve never known before.


The breath is very powerful, it has an amazing ability to free you from your own restrictions and move you into greater balance, peace and awareness. It literally alters your DNA and... it’s a lot of fun too!  



  • Releases stress and anxiety
  • Balance DHEA & Cortisol Hormones
  • Balance the Central Nervous System
  • Releases pollution from the tissues and cells of the body                                  
  • Brings profound stillness to the mind and emotion
  • Brings deep relaxation to the body
  • Increases personal power
  • Balances & harmonises mind, body and soul                                     
  • Energises, regenerates & rejuvenates the cells of the body
  • Releases greater human potential
  • Deepens self connection and awareness
  • Expands consciousness  
  • Opens the heart




Freedom Begins Here!

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I have known Christine Heart Savage for about 12 years and have attended her workshops on breath-work and other holistic health matters. She has considerable experience and expertise in working with altered states of consciousness.  Personally, I have always felt very safe in her presence and as a result have been able to access deeper emotional and psychological realms.  

She has studied and read widely on a wide range of health modalities and is passionate and enthusiastic in everything she does. I can recommend her as both a teacher and a therapist.  

Dr Peter Johnston

Medical Doctor

              Did You Know?  

75 to 90% of all visits to primary care physicians result from stress-related disorders. 

Paul Rosch  M.D., President

American Institute of Stress

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