Clinical Stress & Breathing Assessment

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                        Transform Stress & Anxiety Fast!  


                             Personal and Specialised Breathing Instruction




  1 Hr            




  Black Rock  Melbourne VIC         (address given on oppointment)


Experience a simple Stress and Breathing Assessment and view your personal stress levels and the quality of your breathing instantly.    You'll received powerful and simple breathing instruction that you can use for practical and immediate benefit in your life.  

After breathing and mindfulness instruction, again view the results of your breathing and stress levels through Bio-Feed Back... you will be amazed at the direct affect and speed at which you can control your stress levels and balance your central nervous system.  

When you live in a state of constant stress you are literally loosing power, you end up with an energy deficit which creates on-going tiredness. When you know how to manage your own stress and anxiety levels you literally become more energy efficient , more empowered, more productive and make better choices.

With practise these tools will become a skill you can use anywhere, any time, in any circumstance to maintain constant energy flow and efficiency, and internal balance.

Don't let your reactions to other people and external events control your life, with these simple tools you will have the power to control your inner environment and choose a more energy efficient and life affirming response to stressful situations.


Learn to become energy efficient and stay balanced!  


Freedom begins here!   

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