Metaphysical Master Class                        

                                  Spiritual & Life Mastery Class                   (non religious)


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                                                   "Living to your greatest potential"                                                  

How would your life would look if you were living to your highest potential, values and truth?  

The philosophy and study of "Higher Principles" is a passion of mine, it's an area I've studied and worked with for many years... It's powerful and I love it!


Tap into your true potential, ground it & bring it to life!  


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 Pen & Paper



Imagine...        What would it look like?      How would you feel?      What would you be doing?


Gain the tools to move your life to the next level and really live to your highest potential? 


We are so much more than we realize, we have the ability to develop ourselves to a much greater degree. Through learning simple systems and tools you will be able to apply these practises to your day to day practical life, enhancing relationships, work, health, life direction, in fact all circumstances of life, and start living in alignment with your higher purpose.


This course is about becoming the master of your own destiny and living up to your personal principles of truth... and discovering what that is for you. Going beyond mediocre and beoming the best you can be!


The course is interactive and experiencial, it includes structured steps and guidence for living to a higher level in your life. It delves into personal empowerment at a causal level whereby you are given the tools to respond to life in a balanced and self empowered way bringing more clarity, peace and control to your life.   


Group energy has a powerful, synergistic and far reaching effect that fast tracks everyone involved.


This is a journey of empowerment and discovery...  Become the Master of your life!


       We will explore many aspects of life such as...


  • What is Metaphysics/Spirituality
  • Tapping into your true potential
  • Releasing Attachment
  • Meditation as a daily practise
  • Empowering thought & language
  • Mind awareness - learning to direct & hold focus
  • Breathing as a moment to moment practise for personal empowerment  
  • The principles & practical steps to living your deeper truth
  • Expanding heart intelligence for transformation & greater life potential  



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