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"I AM Connected"






This program is educational and experiential.  

 It introduces the individual to Higher Knowledge and Higher Aspects of the Self  


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Personal & Spritual Development  

facilitated by

Christine Heart Savage

 Practitioner of Metaphysical Science   



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The "I AM" Connected program was originally taught at the beginning of the "I AM Points the way" Program.  We found it to be worthy of a full day program in and of itself.  The testimonials below are a combination of the one day "I AM Connected Program" and also the full program.



What a great way to begin the new year! Sometimes, and in my case, it's happening more and more, you meet people who shine a light on the path you are on. Christine, for me is a lantern of light and a gift for my soul. I believe the " I AM Connected" session today will have a profound impact on my life. I am keen to learn more. 

"When the student is ready the master appears". That quote is so apt.   I believe we are lead when we're open to it, we are shown sign-posts in life. I am very grateful that Christine came into my life to teach me and guide me.  Thank you Christine -- Jacqui L


Thank you Christine. Your teachings make so much sense to me, as you put some of my (weird) experiences into words. You have a wonderful gift in explaining and teaching. Yor teaching will be with me every day and I will be consciously drawing on my Higher Self to make my life calmer, fuller and more loving. Thank you -- Katerina O


The "I AM" model of Light is definitely a fascinating structure to contemplate and worthy (because of Christine's obvious experience with the Light) of me devoting some serious and disciplined time to working with this model. Beautiful and clear presentation, with also more importantly the sense of "I want what she's got" -- a reference to You Christine. -- Martin D


 The "I AM Points the way" meditation course has opened up to me a new way of thinking about embracing and living life.  It has presented to me the incredible power I have within me to live a life of beauty, love and freedom, and how that can be radiated to the world. -- Anne A


The "I AM Points the way" course (Elohim) has been a very different experience to the “I AM Presence” course.  It has been about moving from mental concepts to feeling concepts for me.  From thinking “all will be well” to knowing it.  To me that is significant on my journey of Ascension.  It has been a joyful few months, sharing Wednesday nights with “like souls”.  Thanks to Christine and the group.  Love and blessings. -- Sara J


I write about Christine’s "I AM Points the way" course with gratitude.  Gratitude for the resultant connection of my Self (my “I AM Presence”) with the abundant energy around me, and the dissolving of one’s life blocks in the face of the Elohim flames and the miracle of life. -- Dale C


Christine’s course on the "I AM Points the way" meditation (Elohim) has been profoundly transformative for me.  I have looked forward eagerly to the course each week and greatly enjoyed the daily mediation practice, which is now one of the most significant aspects to my life.--  Ed S


"I AM Points the way" (Elohim) Course - I  feel my understanding has gone to a whole new level and I have experienced many shifts and changes.  Christine is joyous and wondrous in her teaching of the practices and inspires us to work towards a better us and a better planet. -- Heather M


"I AM Points the way" (Elohim) course is very worthwhile.  It has already made beneficial changes in my life. -- Ray M


"I AM Points the way" (Elohim) Course - the course teaching re the Elohim mediation technique has given me new strength.  It’s given me a way of accessing power, wisdom and love in a practical, yet profound way.  Christine’s passion and inspiration has guided me through this learning process and broader journey.  I am very grateful for it and I’m looking forward to exploring this new technique in the weeks and months to come.  Thank you... Love from -- Diana C



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Christine is not only someone who has deep connection and understanding, but she is also a great teacher, with the capacity to translate and communicate!

Christine is very committed to helping you understand, and puts great effort into assisting others with their progression.

It was a great privilege to be part of the course. I found the meditation practice that Christine taught me to be the most powerful I have encountered.  It has given me a deeper sense of connection and guidance, and provided me with a way to build my personal relationship with the higher love. It is a great gift.

Thank you Christine!

--Diana C


Christine's I AM course was profound and important for me spiritually. It has woven 7 beautiful new layers into my daily meditation practice - and this is a reminder and delicious experience each day of a state of peace, harmony, warmth and inspiration, which often lasts with me for hours."  

Thanks, Christine!

--Ed S


Read about Christine's extraordinary first formal meditation experience in 1993 in her book



Spiritual & Meditation Program


This program introduces and invocates your "I AM" Connection   













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The I AM Program.

I must admit I had my doubts at first about the course - would it suit my style? Was it really something for me? But I have to say the 7 Sacred Flames was a great course. It took my meditation practice to a whole new level, and I believe cleared quite a bit of “junk” from my system. It was an exciting and inspiring 8 weeks where I was excited to see what, or who, might show up in my meditations. And it was fantastic to do the weekly group meditation where the energy was so high in the room and the meditations so much deeper. I only wish the teachings were ongoing rather than for 8 weeks.   

-- Vanessa A


The "I Am" Program was an reawakening for me.

I met Christine back in 1994 when I began my first course in Meditation while going through an ugly and very traumatic marriage breakdown. That meditation course saved me from a break down at the time - the I AM course i just completed has consolidated everything that I already knew on a subconscious level from my original work with Christine - it was really comforting and reassuring to know that I really was/am on the right path to ascension.

Christine takes the course slowly with great concern for all involved - it was fun yet focused and I learned so much.

I recommend this course to anyone, especially those who are serious about spiritual growth, connecting, ascending and taking care of each other as family not strangers.

Cant wait to do the next level up  in this course!!

--Natasha BC

There is something else to life! ...and that something is really “SOMETHING”!!  You have an extraordinary part of yourself just waiting for you to connect with it and invite it in.  

I initially experienced the "I AM" tube of Light (or as I used to call it “the dome”) when I was in participating in a  relaxation and meditation class when I was 25 years old.  I was shocked or maybe surprised is a better word, when I first experienced the portal because it came out of the blue and it was so different to anything I’d experienced before.  I became frightened, and every time I felt fear, the portal disappeared.  Each time I relaxed and surrendered the same experience of the portal returned.  I didn’t understand what was happening to me , I felt fear grip me as I moved through through the portal, not because it was uncomfortable,  quite the opposite, it was the most  beautiful, exquisite and fascinating thing I’d ever seen and experienced, but what would happen when I got to the end of the portal.  Would I die?  READ MORE


This glorious and luminous power is the nectar that fills the internal feeling of emptiness that has been the malaise of humanity for so long.  It is not just available for a chosen few, it is accessible to all.  There is a whole other world in this invisible but fully alive realm.  It is Truth!  All else pales into insignificance.  

The teachings are enlightening, simple, practical and life changing. You are an amazing SUN Presence!  Come along and connect with your own "SUN Presence" and join the every growing  many others who are now understanding and practising these teachings.


Open the door to your "I AM" Portal and become a Sun Presence



  Intoduction         This is module 1. of the "I AM" Series     


  Your "I AM" Sun Presence


  The Chart of your Divine Self


   The Higher Self


   "I AM" - the I AM and your Cells


   "I AM" Invocation                                                                                           Meditation Practise


  Connecting to your "I AM" Portal


  Your Soul's MIssion  


  Drawing Light and Raising Frequency and Consciousness                           Meditation Practise


   The Ascension Process                         


   Final Discussion



Spiritual expansion effects your day to day life and has a very practical focus.  


Start steering your life by calling in your tube of light & joining with your own Mightly "I AM" Presence

It has all the knowledge you seek...




For the love of all that is amazing in life - this heart breath mediation technique is dynamite! This technique has enriched my mediating experience 100 fold, if not more. I have had experiences of such stillness, joy, revelation, clarity and divine love that I cannot possibly describe in words. Although I still have tougher times when I can't shut my mind off nearly as easily, most of the time it has enriched my experience of stillness within. I find that I can focus better, I'm calmer and I have this constant feeling of warmth within me that I carry through my everyday life. Most recently I have discovered that through this mediation I have rediscovered my sense of self worth. It is truely LIFE - CHANGING.

Tereza Jancar

Heart Breath Meditation Course

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