Module 1

                            Skills For Life


                                                             Love, Life & Laughter                                     


                     Personal Development  

                                                                   Transform your life!       


          A very successful program, running for 18 years... it’s changed many lives!



  Now finished for 2011

  Thursdays  x  5 Week Program


  9.30am - 11.00am



  Brighton Recreation Centre

 92 Outer Crescent, Brighton





  Pen & Paper 
















                              Read Jungle Jims Story after completing this course 16 years ago



This course gives you the tools to make real changes in your life!  


         Areas Covered


  • The power of the mind
  • Creating your own reality
  • Communication and language  
  • Lightening up and the affects of laughter
  • Strategies and practical steps for life issues
  • Making practical changes
  • Personal Empowerment  









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Absolutely Fantastic!  It has changed and fulfilled my life beyond my widest dreams.

Deb Sutherland  

If you are looking for personal power, self understanding, harmony and a major key to creating a life your desire , this course is for you. 

The principles taught are simple, practical, comprehensive and successful. 

The teachings can be directly applied to your current day to day life...


This is Personal Empowerment...

from the inside out!



This is the best Self Development course I have ever attended.  

Christine Savage is so inspirational and a joy of a teacher.

The change in my life since attending the class is absolutely tremendous. I

would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone. In fact I would highly recommend it.   The class has made me look at life with different eyes.

Janine Marion



      Skills For Life - Love, Life & Laughter    

      5 Week Program    $220




Laugh often,

Dream big,

Reach for the stars!


Author Unknown




A successful life is delicious food for the Soul

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