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              Living Beyond Stress & Anxiety          






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                                                   A Powerful Program   

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The "STRESS BUSTER" training is a powerful program. This program provides you will the tools you require to release stress and anxiety from your mind and body, and regain control.


We guarantee that you will be able to access a deeper level of calm by the time you leave this training.

This program is a proven success.



The skill you'll have for life!



If you feel stressed, anxious, exhausted or overwelmed

this program is for you!

Christine Heart Savage



Join with one of Australia’s foremost teachers of health and wellness, stress and anxiety management, meditation and breath awareness.  


Having the right tools allows for internal stability and calm balance.



Thanks again for all you've done for me. It's been a life changing experience and I'll be forever grateful to you. -- Philip


I just wanted to thank you for teaching me these new skills and changing my life. -- Diana



                                           STRESS BUSTER TRAINING      


                                                 Christine on 0411 301010






A program with Life-Long Value…    

What you will learn:

Demystifying stress & anxiety

Recognistion of early symptoms

Causes of stress

What's normal

New tools to neutralise your internal environment  

Conditioned breathing styles

Breath awareness and correct breathing training

Self regulation of the Autonomic Nervous System 

The difference between relaxation and coherence  


Internal Self Control   

Returning to balance & coherence


Having the right tools and a strong and simple system for instant rebalancing of the body systems produces greater confidence, stability and a happier you.  Mental and emotional balance become your new reality.




For true life balance, health and wellness, we must address the

physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of ourselves.


A complement of teaching, open forum and practical application.  

Christine is a lively, informative and fun presenter who has walked the rugged road of contraction, stress and breakdown and now lives a very different life, a life of "personal empowerment and freedom". From personal experience she will show you how you can transform your stress in a state of calm.


     You can become skilled at maintaining internal calm in any life situation.    

Access new skills to bring yourself into balance, peace and vitality.    


This program is simple, practical and imparts rich information to assist you in becoming the best you can be, as well as happier, calmer, and more powerful in your life!   




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Christine has provided great insight into how stress and anxiety are generated and the most simple strategies to overcome these damaging illnesses.    

In just a few weeks of committing to Christine’s advice and strategy I feel very calm, I am making better daily decisions, my mood has picked up enormously, I feel more confident and self assured. 

I look forward to continuing with Christine’s breathing and meditation techniques.  They have already made a real difference to my daily existence. 

I recommend them to everyone feeling anxious, stressed and overwhelmed.

Justin S


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