Stop going around in circles and move forward in your life

Are you going around in circles in your life? This can be a real problem for people. Do you put in a lot of effort trying to move forward, only to find that the situation you are trying to change or move away from, sticks to you like glue and even becomes worse instead of better despite your efforts? 

We all experience times in our lives when we feel weighed down by life and we appear to be going round and round in circles in a never ending journey of difficult challenges. How do we change enough to start moving forward in the direction of our desires...                                                                          read more


Your Life Purpose     

Wouldn’t it be nice to know your life purpose when you were born?!!  Already mapped out for you and wonderfully easy - just like following the yellow brick road.  As you grew into your teenage years you would know exactly what it was you want to do as a career, and you would know exactly why you’re here, and what your personal life purpose is! Oh joy!  Life would be a breeze!

However, that is not how it is - even as fully grown and mature adults we still may not know what our life purpose is, or why we’re here.  We struggle through our days trying to understand...                 read more  


Healing and Consciousness

What creates healing - and why is some healing only short term and some healing permanent?  

When you’re experiencing ills of the body, mental worries and concerns, and emotional distortions and disturbances, you can feel quite exhausted, distressed and lost.  When you need some help, what are the options on offer? 

If the distress continues over time, you might finally reach out through desperation and enter the traditional medical path where you are usually greeted and treated with prescription drugs - which may numb the pain and help you to feel less disturbed, but...                                                                                       read more


How can I heal?  ...and signs of healing

The human body is an amazing, intelligent, fascinating form.     We experience life through the body and it’s five senses - a richness of seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting is constantly filling our senses.   As I sit here writing I can hear the sounds of life surrounding me; the birds in near by trees are having a lovely time squawking and warbling their communication to the world - I can hear the different personalities expressing themselves through their melodic, and often, hilarious, screechy chatter. There is...  read more


Metaphysical Science - What is it?

METAPHYSICS - the word metaphysics has been around for a long, long time. ORIGIN: Mid 16th century.  It goes back to the Aristotelean philosophy, Plato himself credited earlier philosophers with dealing with metaphysical questions. The first known philosopher, according to Aristotle, is Thales of Miletus, who taught that all things derive from a single first cause or Arche.  It is the science of things transcending...  read more


Activating The "Law of Life"

Have you activated the “Law of Life?”  If you feel like you’re going around in circles, if the same thoughts and feelings keep surfacing and you think to yourself “is anything ever going to change?” or  “when is it going to stop?”  - you try to be positive and take control of your life only to find you end up back in the same old place, then you might like to continue reading...   What’s missing?  The activation of...            read more


Receiving Messages From Your Higher Self

We all want connection to our souls, we look for a higher purpose, life direction and understanding, but a lot of the time we are fragmented and blocked, and we don't feel connected or guided in our lives. How can we start connecting and receiving messages from the Higher part of ourselves?  Receiving messages from the Authentic or Intelligent Self are common once we are relaxed and our channel is open and ...     read more


Raising Your Frequency & Discovering Who You Are

Did you know the universe is coded in the cells of your body?  There are many things stored in the cells of your body, the historical value of every event and experience you’ve lived through, resides in your body, as well as universal codes of frequency, which hold higher knowledge.  This higher knowledge is released within you as you let go of old holding patterns and perceptions stored within the body...             read more


Spiritual Warriors - Living with Grace

Know Thy Self -- and live in strength, love, peace and happiness, and walk in the world with human and spiritual grace.

There is a core group of people who have regularly attended breathwork groups over many years.  These people have not only become very proficient and beautiful breathers, they are living and realizing their deeper human potential.  They are warm, aware, strong, peaceful, intelligent, powerful, non judgmental people, who laugh easily and often.  They have been continually clearing and purifying...            read more


Releasing The 'Light' Within

There are certain practices that guarantee the release of the ‘Light’ into the mind, and the physical, atomic structure of the body.   

It’s one of the most sort after human ‘ideals’ -- to reach a place of ‘happiness’, or a place of peace, harmony and contentment.  Isn’t that what we’re all are searching for?  Isn’t that what’s really underneath everything we desire in life?  To reach a state of exquisite and complete happiness? How can we achieve... read more


Becoming Whole

Becoming whole - what does this mean?  

Life has a huge influence upon us -- from that precious moment of birth we are being affected and imprinted by the people around us, the environment we live in, the beliefs of the society we belong to, and the human laws of what is right and wrong according to the country and era we are born into.  All of these surrounding conditions and circumstances leave their mark upon us, moulding the way we think, feel and act within our lives.  We are taught what to think, how to feel or not feel, and we are given non verbal...        read more


From Stress & Tension to Bliss in a Few Breaths

People suffering from extreme stress, anxiety, overwhelm, trauma, grief or confusion can reach a beautiful state of profound stillness and exquisite peace; even bliss in a very short time through the act of correct breathing.  The breath is so under rated.  It is an anchor; a reliable, powerful and simple ally. It will never let you down -- and yet it remains one of life’s biggest secrets. It is simple, natural and always available -- you can’t leave home without it!

People say things like, “I’ve never felt this still and peaceful in my life”. We crave the ...        read more  


Protecing Your Self

How do I protect myself?  This is a question I am frequently asked.

Sometimes we find ourselves around negative people or events that we don’t really wish to be around.  How most people deal with this, is to go into “resistance”.  They protect themselves by resisting what is happening at the time, a type of shutting off.  This seems a feasible thing to do, however the result of this action is creating a contraction...                                                                                               read more


Changing Your Personal State - Happiness

Is it possible to change your personal state?  The way your feel on the inside and who you’re being in the world?  Is it possible to reach a state of real happiness?  

These are interesting questions.  I’m sure you’ve heard people blurt out  in the heat of the moment things like; “it’s just the way I am” or “it’s who I am” and never question the validity of their statement.  It’s the type of perception and affirmation that supports people in ‘not’ having to take ...                             read more


The I AM Series - The "I AM" Sacred Fire  

What is the “I AM” Sacred Fire?  The “I AM” Sacred Fire is one of the most powerful, intense, amazing, alive, buzzing, all consuming, electrifying, and simultaneously terrifying and rapturous experience I’ve had. Wow what a mouthful... haha  It was absolutely ALIVE and absolutely...                                   read more


The I AM Series - The "I AM" Portal

What is the “I AM” portal?   Did you know you live within a portal?  Everybody is born within this tube or portal and most of us are completely unaware of it -- we haven’t been told about this extraordinary and magical part of ourselves.  It is the greatest secret.  It’s your birth “right” to know about...        read more


Beyond Anxiety - August 2012 BE WELL MAGAZINE  Part of Bupa

ANXIETY...the silent, obnoxious, insidious condition that hides in wait, underlying all levels of reason and intelligence; like an unknown enemy ready to strike at any given moment, rendering its prey... read more


Debilitating Anxiety and Panic Attacks - Moving to Freedom  

"I feel strangely calm, I've never felt this feeling, I feel strangley calm." This was the first thing that rolled from Lisa's lips as she entered through the door for her third Breathwork and Life Coaching session.  

Lisa has been suffering panic attacks since she was 15 years of age.  She is now 44 years old, turning 45 this year.  That’s a whopping 29-30 years of chronic anxiety and panic attacks.   Lisa presented with: Anxiety and panic attacks, asthma, (taking ventolin) Aspergilosis (inflamation and infection of the lungs) which she has had for 12 years (on Cortisone) and a terrible cough that she’s had for years and unable to shift. She’s had 2 sinus operations.  Anxiety has had a crippling affect on Lisa’s life.   She...   read more


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Anxiety and Depression  Two wonderful true stories of recovery  

I have worked with many people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome over the years. Idecided to share the following two cases for their differences and also their likeness.  Don’t think you have to live with CFS for the rest of your life, with dedication, learned skills and daily practise it can be treated successfully.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is an awful, debilitating illness that doesn't allow the person suffering from it's unseen, but intensely felt cellular depletion, to “really” live.  When a person is symptomatic...   read more


Beyond Anxiety and Stress

Years ago I suffered terribly with panic attacks, anxiety and stress, I was good at covering it up, nobody would have known except for the major panic attacks, but even then a lot of the panic attacks weren’t as obvious, being a continual lower level panic that was hidden from others but for me it was crippling and had a huge and detrimental effect on my life.  Sometimes I would go into panic in the fear of having a panic attack!  It stopped me from stepping out and living my life in my earlier years.  Living like this... read more


The Relaxation Response

What is relaxation?


1. The state of being free from tension and anxiety.    2. The restoration of equilibrium following disturbance.  So many people don’t know what it is to feel truly relaxed.  When they first experience the ‘relaxation state’ they are amazed by the feeling and they don’t want to come out of it.  True relaxation is quite profound. There is relaxation and relaxation...                                                                      read more



The American Institute of Stress notes that 75 to 90 percent of visits to primary care physicians are for stress-related complaints (Rosch 1991).  A Harvard study shows that people who live in a state of high anxiety are four and a half times more likely to suffer sudden cardiac death than non-anxious individuals (Dawachi et al. 1994).  An international investigation reveals that people who are unable to efficiently manage their stress have a 40 percent higher death rate than...                                                   read more


Vibrant Health and Your Breath

The health of your body is directly linked with the level of Light in the cells of your body.   The health of your body is also directly linked with your thoughts and the quality of your breathing.  They either enhance the level of Light in your body or they diminish it.  It’s that simple!  Your BREATH is the bridge that connects you to your LIGHT.  The breath is filled with rich Life Force and Light, it expands the Light within you, altering and raising every cell in your body...                                                                                         read more


Breathwork - The Forgotten Jewel

The uses and potential for Breathing are unlimited.  Conscious breathing releases stress fast, effectively giving you more clarity, energy and power in your life.  The breath is one of your greatest gifts, learn to respect it and to use it wisely, and it will not only release you from your past and bring you into a state of internal peace and freedom, it will also feed the cells of your body... bringing balance, alive...    read more 


Breathwork - Stress Anxiety & Trauma

Breathwork is a “stand alone” therapy and is extremely complimentary to other modalities. Breathwork releases past stress, anxiety and trauma in present time.  It does this by taking the body and mind into such a deep, expanded state of relaxation and surrender that the body initiates a ‘letting go’ process, releasing the accumulated stress in the system. This   is very liberating for the person, freeing them up enormously. This is not magic, it is science...                                                                                                   read more


Breathwork and The Law Of Attraction

What does Breathwork have to do with the Law of Attraction? 

There is a strong alliance between Breathwork and the Law of Attraction. Breathing holds a vital and important key relating to the life force required to maintain health and harmony, and to create and manifest the life you desire through using the ʻlaw of attractionʼ principles...                                             read more


Self Esteem and Confidence   

Are they the same thing?  There has been a lot of discussion in the clinic this week on Confidence.  Over the years I’ve noticed this is a common concern for people both male and female.  When the confidence level is up they are feeling on top of the world, and invincible, then it changes and they take a dive and it often takes a long time for them to come out of it.  What I’ve...                                            read more




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