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Christine is a highly experienced trainer, coach, practitioner & presenter. She has conducted over 6000 clinical sessions and has facilitated hundreds of groups & conferences for the general public and corporate groups. She is as capable and compassionate when coaching one person as she is dynamic and inspirational when leading a large group.


As a regular feature on Melbourne radio for five years, Christine also plays an important role in teaching life skills and stress management techniques to the wider community of Melbourne, Australia. She has also featured on commercial radio interviews and presented seminars in VIC, QLD, NSW, SA and N.T.  She is currently hosting a program called Mind, Body, Heart & Soul on 88.3 Southern FM community radio on the first Monday of the month from 10am-11.00am... Please tune in.


Christine’s expertise as a teacher and mentor has been augmented not only by her academic accomplishments and many years of professional experience, but also by her own extensive, rich and varied life experiences. She became active in the field of personal development after overcoming adversities in her own life. She was inspired by this personal triumph, and fuelled by a deep desire to help others achieve similar success.


Christine is a National Breathwork Trainer, Breath Awareness Coach, Stress & Anxiety Management Trainer, Meditation Teacher, Health Counsellor, Mentor and Life Coach. She is also a Minister, Practitioner and Counsellor of Metaphysical Science and New Thought Therapy. She educates people about the importance of managing life through correct breathing, thinking and action.



Christine's Qualifications  

• Currently completing Doctorate in Metaphysical Science

• Certified Australian Breathwork Trainer - ABA

• Certified Breathwork Practitioner   

• Diploma of Health Counselling - Medical Register of Australia

• Licensed HeartMath Provider - HeartMath®

Bachelor of Metaphysics - University of Metaphysics

• Metaphysical Science Practitioner - University of Metaphysics

• Ordained Metaphysical Minister - International Metaphysical Ministry

• Certificate of Pastoral Psychology - Pastoral Psychology Institute

• Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

• Practitioner of Time Line Therapy

• Seichim & Reiki Master

• Hypnosis and Advanced Past Life Certificate - Studied with Dolores Cannon

• Regression Therapy




• Australian Breathwork Association (ABA Trainer)

• The Medical Register of Australia

• American Metaphysical Doctors Association

• American International Metaphysical Ministry





Christine is an expert in the field of Breathing, Stress and Anxiety Management, Life Coaching and Metaphysical Science and is known as "The Breathing Lady".  She is a published author and an  inspirational, warm and dynamic trainer, educator, coach, practitioner and speaker. 


Christine is a lively, informative and fun presenter who has walked the rugged road of anxiety, stress and breakdown and now lives her life teaching and training public and corporate groups how to live a life of "balance and freedom". She is based in Melbourne, Victoria.  


Christine started her own consultancy business in the early 1990’s, teaching personal development courses, stress management, meditation, breathing techniques and the principles of holistic health to private clients, public, government and corporate groups.  



Christine is an amazingly intuitive and fearless practitioner. She is a dedicated metaphysical and breathwork specialist who lives and breathes the principles she teaches.

The work is powerful and unearthing and ultimately, life-altering and uplifting.

It enabled me to clear a  10 year bout of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Depression.  

GC - Alias Dr Spock   

Clinical Psychologist

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