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                          Facinating Client Stories

                                         Through the medium of Breathwork Therapy


A Tweedledum and Tweedledee

I heal you and you heal me...

Writen by the client who is an identical twin... this story has a facinating twist...

Like most people about to begin something new and unknown, I felt a little nervouse about the breathwork day, but also very eager to release some of the stress and tesion which I had accumulated in my body over a very difficult previous year.

The session went beyound any expectations I had.  Some time into it, I spontaneously regressed into a past life.  Christine helped me to explore that life, it's challenges and experiences, which brought great awareness around some issues I have been dealing with in this life - a fascinating experience!  I ended....

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Ms Chain

A young woman in her early thirties presented with aching wrist, she said she can’t remember a time when her wrists did not ache, they had ached her whole life.   During her second breathwork session she accessed a past life where she lived as a slave.  She was chained up with many other slaves waiting to be sold.    The emotional charge that was caught in the cellular memory was released and has not had any aching in her wrists since.

Ms Chain also started meditating and found a whole new world opened up for her.



Grumpy's Story - a client case study with an intersting twist

Alias - client chose from the seven dwarves    You won't believe what the sleep problem was...

A man aged 57 years old presented with chronic anxiety. 

He had tried many traditional avenues to get help, but to now avail, and he was desperate.  He said he couldn’t function properly and that he was caught in a cycle of panic attacks and abject fear of having panic attacks.   One was feeding the other. 

During his third session he confessed:  “I believe I  was going to  die  before  I  came to see you  do you know that?  I thought I’d have a break down or a heart attack or cancer.  I know it sounds silly, but I believe I was going to die.   I feel sooooo relaxed now.                                                                    read more



Mr Worried

A young man in mid twenties presented with chronic anxiety, he said he was suffering terribly. He had an irrational fear that his Mother was going to die.  As a child he would run home from school expecting to find his Mother dead.  He dreaded going home and lived in constant anxiety.  In his twenties the fear still persisted and was causing major problems in his life.  

During Mr worried's breathwork session he accessed a past life where he experienced his Mother from that time frame dying when she gave birth to him.  He could see he blamed himself for her death.  He instantly understood why he had this chronic fear that had haunted him during his life and felt enormous relief once he had this understanding.  He had brought the memory into this life with him and it was still playing it out unconsciously.  Freedom was achieved.

Mr Worried has done 10 sessions and is meditating having done the Transforming Stress Course.  He has a huge shift in his anxiety levels and reports feeling centred and balanced and in control of his life.





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