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Thank you to all clients for your generous sharing...


Doing this program has been an amazing experience. I’ve noticed I am calmer, and I am so grateful.  Thank you... Thank you...  Thank you...  Thank you...  The delivery was excellent, professional, brilliant.  Christine knows what she is talking about.  I highly recommend this program.

-- Sharon    (Attended through Curves)


This program was brilliant, very relaxing and easy to learn.  I loved it.  I have a different awareness around my breathing now. I found it very useful and I started to listen to my inner self.  I noticed also it helped change my thought patterns.  I will recommend this program to my clients.  Great tools to use when anxiety is present.  

-- Lisa Basile  (Curves Instructor and massage therapist)


I gained knowledge re the importance of breathing well.  It has been very useful and I have a different awareness around breathing now.  I have noticed I am calmer more of the time.  

I would recommend thiis program.  The teaching and delivery was excellent, with clear and concise instruction.  It was hands on and no time constraint.

-- Sue Langley    (Attended through Curves)


The delivery and teaching of the Breathe Well Program was excellent.  I have been encouraging ladies doing the circuit to breathe more deeply whilst working out, and getting them to breathe with the machine movements.

-- Janet Brydon  (Owner of Curves Hampton)


The delivery was great.  It was a very useful program, I found it very useful and I learned how to calm myself.  I would recommend this program.

-- Jane Pearsons  (Attended through Curves)


The teachings were very clear, with great examples.  

I have noticed:  *Increased strength and ability at Curves gym on the equqipment.

                          *More capacity at singing - can go longer and further.

                          *Definitely more awareness of my breathing, and breathe more often.

                          *Can breathe fully more easily.

                          *It was hard to breathe totally through the nose at first, but now it’s easier with practise.

I would definitely recommend this program.  

-- Kathy Every    (Attended through Curves)


This program was very clear and informative.  I learned how to relax more and have a different awarensss around my breathing.  It has been very useful and I've noticed I am more calm.  

I would recommend this program.

-- Rebecca Lismann   (Attended through Curves)  

It was great to learn about the chemical and medical state/condition to do with stress and anxiety. 

Christine was great - fun, insightful and encouraging.

-- Matthew Quinn    (Attended through Dr Salt)


I found the breathing class to really assist with my asthma management.  It also helped with lessening my nervousness in my throat.  

The training was excellent and very beneficial.

-- Virginia Miller    (Attended through Dr Salt)


Being an asthmatic my whole life, I didn’t know that I had such a huge lung capacity before Christine’s workshop!  It’s great to be able to breathe to my full potential.  Christine was excellent, very charismatic and enthusiastic.

-- Casey Snyder    (Attended through Dr Salt)


I feel calmer and more in control than before the classes.  I am much more aware of my breathing now.    Christine was very warm and caring.  I happily recommend this program.

-- Mandy Black    (Attended through Dr Salt)


I recommend this program.  It has been useful to know the way we breathe and to be aware of our body.  I learnt that we breathe in three stages and we aimed to put the three into one.    

I feel that after this program I will be able to control my body better and sleep better.  The delivery was clear, relaxed, friendly and open.   I totally enjoyed it.

-- Sandra Lonsdale    (Attended through The Karma Studio)

I learned the correct breathing technique today - in which I felt myself relax internally.  Being asthmatic I have never been able to breathe deeply.  By the end of the session I noticed a difference.  A useful tool to use when confronted with a stressful situation.   

I found the presentation to be clear.  I learn from seeing and doing.   I would definitely recommend this program to others.  

-- Sharon Bassat    (Attended through The Karma Studio)

I gained an awareness of my own breathing and learnt how to breathe more effectively.  I definitely have a different awareness around my breathing now.  I noticed how my lungs feel when I breathe correctly, and that I was controlling my breath - now I will try to breathe more naturally.  The program has been very useful.  

I will definitely recommend this program to my work colleagues.

-- Rebecca Thornton   (Attended through The Karma Studio)

Christine has a professional, flexible and gentle approach and that, not only inspired me, but also brought real results. Deep breathing is an effective form of stress reduction and I highly recommend the course to those who want to be more in tune with their mind and body!  

-- Isabelle Ferretjans   (Attended through Total Balance Physio)

 After two weeks of fairly intensive relaxation/breating/meditation practice I have managed to come off my fairly low dose of blood pressure medication.  I’ve kept a careful watch on any adverse symptoms but, after five weeks, my blood pressure has reduced from approximately 137/73 on the medication to 116/62 with no assistance.  

I was unaware of my level of stress and its effect on my breathing.  I’m sleeping better, feeling more alert and coping better with day-to-day stressors.  

Now I need to continue and be aware of my breathing patterns and not fall back into poor self- monitoring of my health.

-- Marg Duke    (Attended through Total Balance Physio)




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