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Episode 1 Mind, Body Heart & Soul - 30 Aug 2010

Introduction to the new program.  Christine and Peter make a lively and informative pair. Todays broadcast hosts some person stories of where they have each come from in the lives and how they got started on the path of personal development and holistic health.  Christine's 'breathing' beginnings and more...


Episode 2 Mind, Body Heart & Soul - 6 Sep 2010

This episode is about Peter's life story and how he went from being a conventional GP to having an interest in alternative health. He was living a life of "happy ever after" with his career, wife and family and then the wheels fell off. He speaks about the turn of events that brought him into realization and awakening, and the understanding that there was another way of thinking and experiencing life.


Episode 3 Mind, Body Heart & Soul - 13 Sep 2010

This episode is about the origins of science and medicine and their evolution. How science and medicine were not permitted to dissect or do an autopsy on the body because it housed the sou,l and how the view has altered over time, with the church being responsible for the soul and medicine being responsible for the body, and the current movement back to Mind, Body, Soul connection.   Also discussed is Dr Masaru Emoto's wonderful, ground breaking work with crystals and the discovery that water holds consciousness.

      Dr. Peter Johnston & Christine

   in the studio at 88.3 Southern FM


Episode 4 Mind, Body Heart & Soul - 20 Sep 2010

Living with Heart...  amazingly the embryo is alive before the physical heart is formed suggesting a connection to a greater power.  We speak about the Institute of HeartMath and the wonderful research on matters of the heart, emotionally, physically and the connection between the heart and the brain.  How breathing greatly affect the nervous system and heart. 


Episode 5 Mind, Body Heart & Soul - 27 Sep 2010

Interview with special guest Philip Stevens  (Swami Samnyasanand)   Philip is a Consultant Neurophysiologist, Sleep Scientist, Certified Yoga Teacher, Life Member and Fellow of the “World Society For Clinical Yoga”.  Philip shares some of his own life journey and how his interests lead him into two very  different and yet complimentary areas.


Episode 6  Mind, Body Heart & Soul - 4 Oct 2010

Psychic Phenomena, ESP and Altered States of Consciousness. Dr Peter and Christine, discuss Raymond Moody's book Life after Life and near death experiences and entering the light after death. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross and her studies with patient's experience of being met with love and understanding on the other side. Peter discusses some writings from his book 'The Eagles Way'... Christine shares some of her own personal psychic and intuitive experiences.  


Episode 7  Mind, Body Heart & Soul - 11 Oct 2010

Mental Health Week - A candid an emotional interview with Anne, about the incredible journey and ongoing emotional and mental overload of being a carer for her son James who has schizophrenia. The effects of mental illness on the whole family, and what James who is now 25, has endured over the years. James, with great courage and strength has moved through the depths of hell and incredible terror, his mind constantly invaded by critical, hostile and self deprecating voices to now being able to live a semi-indepenent and functional life. A raw and honest account of living with a loved one with mental illness. 


Episode 8 Mind, Body Heart & Soul - 18 Oct 2010

The Art of Medicine - Traditionally medicine was considered an art...  The art of medicine is equivalent to the “bed side manner”, Dr Pete, put the "art"  of medicine into these three categories... Love, hope and Faith.  Christine and Peter discuss each one.   Statistics on spontaeous remission - a cure that cannot be accounted for.  The importance of the client practitioner relationship.  Whatever the body manifests, the body can un-manifest.  The importance of following your dream and being able to focus on what you do want, not what you don’t want.


Episode 9 Mind, Body Heart & Soul  -  25 Oct 2010

The Art of Medicine continued - Christine Heart Savage & Dr Peter Johnston discuss Self Love in the area of healing.  Miracles that have occurred through love and developing Self Love and what self love is... the deep respect and acceptance of ourselves.  Love in medicine...  A working definition of love - unconditional, positive regard.  Showing empathy to the client.  The importance of thoughts and emotions in healing and references made to the book ‘A Course in Miracles’  it mentions that the practitioner must be in their right mind to be able to lead the client into right mindedness.


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