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Episode 10 Mind, Body Heart & Soul - 1 Nov 2010  

Releasing Attachment - Releasing Attachment - Christine discusses "Patterns of Attachment"... what they are and how they affect a person's life.  How to recognise when you or someone else is in a pattern and what some of the feelings and behaviours look like.  She shares some interesting true stories.


Episode 11 Mind, Body Heart & Soul - 15 Nov 2010

Life Work Balance - Christine discusses with guest Dr. Ranjani Ratnam the importance of life/ work balance in todays society. Never before have we worked such long hours and been consumed by the advances of technology. We are called to be available 24/7. Gender specific challenges. Family time and eating together around the table, speaking about the day and eye to eye contact seems to be a rare family occurrence. Extra pressures on our young people and increasing suicide. Taking time for ourselves and being present.



Episode 12 Mind, Body Heart & Soul - 29 Nov 2010

The Power Of Gratitude - Christine interviews Derek Barker, author of "A Gift Of Gratitude", a delightful little book which is filled with little treasures of wisdom and wonderful true stories of healing through gratitude.  Derek shares some simple steps from his beautifully written  book, suited to both the person just starting on the gratitude path and those that are already converted to the gratitude way of life.   



Episode 13 Mind, Body Heart & Soul - 13 Dec 2010

Footsteps to Freedom -  Christine interviews Heidi Wyder,singer, song writer and author of "Footsteps to Freedom", Four Spiritual Masters of Kriya Yoga And a Beginner. English born Heidi now resides in Gisborne, Victoria, Australia with her husband and two children.  Heidi discusses her new CD Divine Romance and meeting Athol Guy and also shares about her fascinating and life changing trip to India, an unplanned stop-over some 16 years ago, which lead to her meeting a Master, being initiated into Kriya Yoga and writing her book.


Episode 14 Mind, Body Heart & Soul - 27 Dec 2010  

Consider it Green  -  MInd Body Heart & Soul is heading into the workplace with Kerrie Hosken from “Consider It Green”.  Christine interviews Kerrie on workplace sustainability, energy efficiency, and building relationships between companies, community groups and the environment.   Also looking at “Echo travel” for business and personal use and the new “Green page” business directory.

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