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A Fascinating Personal Story from Christine

Enlightened Cells says Dr Didge...                                                                                                        breathwork

Approximately 9 years ago I was on an AIMA (Australasian Integrated Medical Association) 3-day conference, the group was 95% medical Doctors and there were a few alternative therapists like me there as well. I attended one of the workshops that was facilitated by a Doctor who was dubbed Dr. Didge because he also played the Didgeridoo,… and very well I may add. … There were approximately 20-25 people gathered and Dr Didge asked everyone in the group for their permission to play the Didgeridoo...                                                                                                                                                                            read more

Jungle Jim's Story  (Real name with-held for privacy)

The life changing affect of a simple "life skills" course 16 years ago...                                            life skills

Jungle Jim said he got a job three weeks after the course and has been in employment every since, which is great, but the interesting part is this...  He said “ I was doing drugs and  steeling cars and my friends were the same.  I was angry and didn’t care about anything”.  

He went on to tell me that what he learned in that course completely changed his life and who he was as a person.  He said “I didn’t know of such things, I had never even thought about those things... I didn’t even know it existed”...                                                                                                                                              read more


Lady Liver  

Where did my "liver disease" go?                            

Lady Liver presented with a liver disease called, chronic active hepatitis.  She’d had the disease for 25 years and was told by her Specialist that there was no known cure for the disease and she would eventually die of cirrhosis of the liver...                                                                                                                                         read more


Clearing Out Or Filling Up - cup half full or half empty?

What is your intention when you attend a breathwork session?   

Some years ago now I was at the Australian National Breathwork conference. and I sat next to a young man I had not meet before and we started chatting to each other, I asked this young man what he’d experienced in the 3 hour breathwork session we’d done earlier in the day.  He told me that he didn't go to the session because he was "processed out" and was sick of trying to get all of the muck out of him.”  I suggested to him that he'd missed a wonderful opportunity by not attending the session, and then I shared with him my personal philosophy on breathwork.  I explained to him that my focus is never on...                                                                                                                                                                             read more     


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