I have been wanting to write a testimonial for quite some time now but I wasn't sure that my words would ever be able to do justice to the gratitude that I feel for what Christine and breathwork has done for me - it has quite literally saved my life.    

I was broken when I started working with Christine. I was deeply traumatized by a violent marriage, in which I had lost everything. I had hit rock bottom and I did not know how I was ever going to pull my life together again.  I had been in one abusive relationship after another, with the last one almost ending my life.   

I had years of seeking help from doctors, therapists and counsellors. I had tried every kind of antidepressant there is and I had been dependent on Xanax.  In recent years, I had turned away from Western medicine to alternative therapies with some alleviation coming from Cranial Sacral treatment and Kinesiology, but I still couldn't break the cycle of abuse I was in.    

I truly believe that it was through divine intervention that I came to be on Christine's door step. After only eight sessions with Christine, I have resurrected my life.  I am whole for the first time.  I have gone to places within me that I never would have guessed existed and I have experienced awareness that has brought me such great joy and inner peace.    

I know that I have broken my negative thought and behaviour patterns forever, and I am so excited about creating a bright future for myself. I have reconnected to my Spirit and stepped into my power and it feels amazing! 

Sara Jones


Christine, I am so deeply appreciative of your guidance and teachings. My sessions with you have enabled me to finally understand and gain control of my anxiety, and given me the tools and access to the knowledge required to live a happier and more fulfilling life. 

You are truly amazing:-)

Aaron Speed


It was September, 2015 when I found myself unable to stop crying. 

After 5 years of grief, despair and depression I just didn’t know where I belonged in the world anymore. I didn’t know how I would ever be able to survive and have light in my life again and be at peace. A broken relationship, the death of my Dad, an intervention order against my older Brother, a Court case over my Dad’s estate, my older Brother dies in extremely sad circumstances, then dealing with his estate pretty much on my own for two years. 

The last straw was to buckle the only thing I thought I was coping with and that was my job. When I was told “my attention to detail was not very good” everything stopped with an abrupt holt and that was it! I could not stopped crying, I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t explain myself - all I knew was that I was broken, along with every part of me including my heart. My doctor gave me 10 days off work which only meant to me, walking in circles, yet again. I needed help but didn’t know where to turn. I knew in my heart, I need someone to help me navigate my life because I just wanted to sleep and never wake up again. I needed a life coach to steer me in the right direction. 

As I sat with my iPad on my lap, I googled “Life Coach Bayside” and that’s when I found Christine. I knew straight away that I needed Christine, so I rang and Christine answered and I just said “Hello my name is Jules and I don’t know where I belong anymore, my heart is completely broken and I am frozen”. Christine’s response was “I can help you”. Those words were so simple to hear - there was light at the end of my very dark tunnel. 

I met with Christine the following week and have done so each month and have attended two breath workshops. We have worked solidly during this time and with Christine, together with my faith, I have been totally transformed into a new person. With all the hard work, tears, soul searching, mediation and my breath work, I have learnt to trust myself and truly believe that I am worthy of all that I aim for. I have learnt to surrender the sadness and my heart is now unfrozen with joy flittering back with every step I now take.  

My life and world is now on track and I have made some amazing decisions that this time past year that I could never have made this time last year. I am still an ongoing work in progress however, never could have done it without meeting the “breathing lady”.

Christine is the most amazing and incredible person I have ever met and she has such a wealth and depth of knowledge, understanding and compassion. I know in my heart we were meant to meet! Christine has changed my world and I am forever grateful to this beautiful lady.

 Jules M


When I finally admitted that I was not perfect and the anxiety I was experiencing stopped me from growing and at times even functioning as a person, I made an appointment to see Christine. After the first session I experienced a sense of presence and calmness that I had not experienced for a very long time. I have been seeing Christine for 10 sessions and it has been a wonderful journey of self-discovery, growth,  understanding why I am here, and breathing fully in life.

Christine is warm, professional, knowledgeable experienced and most importantly for me, she has the depth and understanding of the spiritual realms. The breathwork experience with Christine has been truly life-changing and the best part of it is... this is only the beginning."  

Yukuan Nathvani


When I first came to see Christine I was in a state of extreme stress, panic attacks and anxiety - a horrible place to be. From the moment I walked into Christine's room I was filled with warmth, love and hope. Christine has experience, knowledge, warmth, compassion, intuitive empathy, humour, patience and great skill that supported me in transforming from a near empty shell into something far greater.   

She is an amazing teacher who walks her talk, and encouraged me to do the same. Breathwork for me has been completely transformative;  but I don't believe I would have got the same results with just any Breathwork practitioner - it is Christine's understanding, vitality, loving kindness and her ability to connect on many levels that makes her a wonderful practitioner and teacher.  She is a truly wonderful soul.

Vanessa Aitken - Youth Worker


Christine has provided great insight into how stress and anxiety are generated and the most simple strategies to overcome these damaging illnesses.    

In just a few weeks of committing to Christine’s advice and strategy I feel very calm, I am making better daily decisions, my mood has picked up enormously, I feel more confident and self assured. 

I look forward to continuing with Christine’s breathing and meditation techniques.  They have already made a real difference to my daily existence. 

I recommend them to everyone feeling anxious, stressed and overwhelmed.

Justin S


Hi Christine, just a short note to thank you for a wonderful session. I would put the experience up there with the top 5 things I have done in my life and probably one of the most beneficial. Thank you again, and be under no doubt that you change peoples lives in a wonderful way. Look forward to seeing you when I return to Melbourne.

Peter B


I was blown away by the experience I had at Christine's Breathwork group. It was everything that is described on the website, but also so much more! Every time I think about the experience I had I'm just flooded with joy, love and excitement. I'm really looking forward to doing it again and again and again in the future.

Hands down one of the most amazing experinces of my life. It's actually hard to put into words, it just doesn't do it justice. The experience was priceless. Thanks Christine, see you again soon!

Jodey Gavin


Christine, my heartfelt gratitude to you for all the work we have done together so far. I feel so lucky to have finally met you and very grateful for your wisdom and ability to hold the space for me that I have so deeply required for healing over the last 6 months. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you  for being such an amazing ‘midwife’ supporting my souls transition into its next blossoming phase .

Tammie L - Birth Attendant & Doula 


Christine, the "Breathing lady" as she is known, is the clearest example of the efficacy of her trade!  It's like people see and meet her and say "I want what she has!"  She sparkles with vitality, warmth and wisdom. To be in her presence is actually healing.

Over many years I have experienced, and witnessed many people testify that her work is nothing short of life-changing.  Christine is gifted in facilitating an opening for people to taste and savour the spiritual or godly part of who we are.  This experience is most always the antidote for the struggle, disconnection and despair of the wide variety of clients who seek her guidance and support.  As a practitioner, she gives every bit of what she has -- and more -- to help others overcome their blocks, and find release.  Christine makes breathwork simple and naturally accessible.  She is down-to-earth, engaging, and able too meet people where they are.  

In and outside of work, Christine strikes you as light, and real, and a breath of the freshest air!  She walks her talk, and blesses all she comes in contact with.    

Connie Cohen - Psychologist


Christine is a lovely person, and I can vouch personally for the effectiveness of her approach in bringing people out of drama, conflict and myriad kinds of unhappiness rooted in the past, to a deep level of personal and spiritual peace, clarity, joy, and power to respond appropriately in the present moment.   

Christine's therapeutic approach is simple, rooted in conscious control of the breath, and profoundly cleansing and transformative.

Dr Edward Schofield - Computer Software Entrepreneur


It was a wonderful experience for me and your explanation of what was happening made perfect sense. I felt very elated afterwards, like every single cell had been given a workout.  I have been practicing the breathing in my meditation and find I go deeper and experience a lightness and joy. 

You are an excellent teacher and facilitator for Breathwork.

Penny H


Society is currently facing an epidemic of stress, anxiety and a pursuit of “things” ahead of genuine happiness.  Christine brings non-mainstream techniques and teachings to real world situations to provide practical and beneficial results.  I have found Christine to be a warm and knowledgeable guide with years of experience and a genuine understanding of people and life.  I recommend her to anyone seeking a different path.

Dean H - Finance Executive


Christine is an amazingly intuitive and fearless practitioner. She is a dedicated metaphysical and breathwork specialist who lives and breathes the principles she teaches. The work is powerful, unearthing and ultimately, life-altering and uplifting. It enabled me to clear a 10 year bout of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Depression.  

GPC - Dr of Clinical Psychology


...Christine, your capacity for facilitating ‘self learning’ was a highlight for me. You gave a context for understanding a supportive environment, and successfully encouraged participation where people learnt a great deal from you, but also from each other, and with reflection… insight and ‘self-learning’ look place. You’re a born teacher.  

Dr. Sam Ginsberg - Psychologist


Christine Savage is a gifted teacher, breathworker and healer. She is a master in working on all levels, particularly using altered states. She works with compassion, love and humour.  

I have referred patients to her where they have had profound healings and transformations, and would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone wanting personal growth and healing.  

Dr Ranjani Ratnam - Medical Doctor


I have known Christine Heart Savage for about 20 years and have attended her workshops on breath-work and other holistic health matters. She has considerable experience and expertise in working with altered states of consciousness. Personally, I have always felt very safe in her presence and as a result have been able to access deeper emotional and psychological realms.  

She has studied and read widely on a wide range of health modalities and is passionate and enthusiastic in everything she does. I can recommend her as both a teacher and a therapist.  

Dr Peter Johnston - Medical Doctor


I have known Christine for 19 years now and during these years I have witnessed her amazing drive and passion in assisting people to empower themselves and to overcome stress and trauma in their lives.  

When I first met Christine I was feeling lost and overwhelmed.  When I started working with her, I found her very approachable, and I felt her incredible support and compassion, and I finally felt understood.  I no longer felt alone.  I learnt new skills, which included breathing, meditation, life skills, and thought awareness, but most importantly, I learned how to anchor and connect with a beautiful part of myself that I never knew existed.


Since meeting Christine I have attended many of her presentations and workshops and have found them to be dynamic, passionate and highly practical, leaving people with valuable skills that can be incorporated easily into everyday life.  I have thoroughly enjoyed these engaging, versatile, dynamic and often very humorous experiences.  Christine leaves people with a wonderful sense of empowerment.

Anne Alp - Registered Nurse, Division 1


"Doing Breathwork with Christine has been enormously transforming for me. Christine brings her joy of life and energy to every session. I always feel safe, and come away open to new possibilities for my life. As a result of working with Christine, I have increased energy, much less anxiety ... life just seems to flow much more easily." 

Simone E -  Psychologist


"Breathwork and meditation released many of my fears and anxieties and with that unfolded a sense of happiness and joy I had not experienced since I was a child. One of the most healing experiences of my life". Thank you Christine 

Maria A - Lawyer 


Christine is a truly inspiring teacher. She comes from a deep place of heart and experience, both personally and professionally. She has done the work, “walks her talk” and yet has the most amazing ability to make health and healing FUN. She is knowledgeable, lively, passionate, committed and full of joy, a combination that is not only encouraging and inspiring for those she helps on their healing path, but one of the best combinations anyone could hope to find in a teacher.  

Jan Gannon - Registered Nurse


I was extremely impressed by the class I attended. I think your method of teaching was commendable and it showed that you were in tune with everybody.  

Your understanding came from within you and your personal experiences, which you shared with us created a bond which allowed the rest of us to speak freely and without fear.  

I think it is truly amazing the difference that you make to peoples lives in just a few short hours.  

I thoroughly enjoyed the class.  

Once again thank you. It really is people like you that make all the difference.  

Pina Passarelli


Thank you for an incredible experience at our breathing session today. It was a truly profound experience and I long to do it again.  

It was a pleasure to meet you and to see that your great reputation as a practitioner is well deserved.   

Paul McLaughlin


I have loved every minute of my sessions with the Beautiful Breathing Lady!   Christine creates a warm compassionate and safe environment in which to explore the deeper workings of the mind, in particular, patterns and its relevance to every day living!   I am so looking forward to doing more work with her.  

Clare Lubich


Working with Christine has had a profound effect on my life. How I deal with daily issues that arise, my health, peace of mind and my ability to really be present to other people. It is the most powerful training I have ever done and it is always fun as well as fascinating. Very quickly after starting the course people seemed to be drawn to me for my advice. I now feel confident that I can provide empowerment for people to do their own healing.  Christine, it is very difficult to put into words how many ways this course has impacted me. I knew when I first read your course flyer and you said something like "it is time for me to pass on all that I know..." and knowing you, I wanted that! It was always clear to me that there was something very special and powerful about you. Thank you for giving that away. 

Gayle Ward


Christine, the session was awesome!  Thanks a lot and I am back for the next group.

Dr Lisa E


I've been just very relaxed, nothing is getting to me any more.  I'm calm at work and I feel happy.

Jim Lekkas


I have known Christine for 14 years now and can honestly say that her courses have "saved my soul!" Both my son and I did extensive breath-work and it was absolutely life changing. I saw the real me, felt, really felt my emotions and then cleared them. Christine "counselled and breathed me" and I love her for it - she's truly heaven sent!! 

Natasha Clarke - Sales Consultant 


This is the best Self Development course I have ever attended.  

Christine Savage is so inspirational and a joy of a teacher. The change in my life since attending the class is absolutely tremendous. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone. In fact I would highly recommend it.   The class has made me look at life with different eyes.

Janine Marion


Absolutely Fantastic! It has changed and fulfilled my life beyond my widest dreams.

Deb Sutherland  


Christine Heart Savage is a gifted woman of rare insight, and I have personally benefited from her committed approach to healing over the last 15 years.  

I first met Christine when I attended her course in stress management and meditation. For me, that course swiftly blossomed into a revolution in my awareness and a new appreciation of life. Since then, Christine's healing ways have helped me to develop a much deeper and more positive perspective, and with her help I've been able to answer some of the deepest questions I had about life. She is a friend that has not just helped me to stand on my own two feet; she has helped me to fly.  

"Life is a gift". These four words may mean very little until you learn to heal your mind, and heal you heart. I can think of no better person to help you come to the fullest experience of these four words than Christine Heart Savage.  

Dr Chris Clarke B.Sc. D.Msc -  Executive Director


I have found Christine to be a very knowledgeable and articulate teacher, able to reach people of all levels and help them to really understand what good health and healing means. She is a gifted therapist and I’m not surprised there is always a waiting list to get an appointment with her. She has personally helped me through stressful times with wisdom and knowledge beyond what I have found elsewhere. This is also the experience of clients I have referred to her.  

Her passion and commitment to empowering others to be in charge of their own lives, by having a clear understanding of how their mind and body can work in harmony, is inspiring.  

Linda Veale DTM., M.AMTA - Remedial Massage Therapist & Stress Management Consultant


Christine has been a true guiding light for me, and her presence and teachings have, in countless ways, profoundly affected the course of my life.  

For more than 15 years now I have been challenged, awakened, awe-inspired and permanently altered for the better by this extraordinarily courageous and gifted person.  

You owe it to yourself to open to what she can provide for you - she is a heaven-sent blessing for our beautiful planet.  

Euan Angus - Photographer / Investor / Environmental Design Student


...WE’LL!!!!!!!! WOW, How different I feel...I Just had to tell you, and thank you for being such a fantastic support with your beautiful energy and presence, ( this is the biggest thing…. ) I feel re-born. Really re-born, so peaceful and light, it’s an amazing feeling.  

My entire being has changed, and I am able to accept and enjoy this 'ride'...again WOW.   I feel amazing!

I am peaceful and lovely and calm.... and I now have HOPE! Thank you Dearest Christine, God Bless you for the work you are doing.  

Special and deepest love, 

Lorraine Owen - Registered Nurse


I want more! Don’t want it to end.

Gaye Townsend


Wonderful – Everyone should learn about this “Stuff”.

Kim Jarvie


I found Christine’s classes very helpful. When I leave the class I feel a lot better about myself.

Judy Reid  


I feel that I am more aware of my choices in life and am therefore able to make changes that are beneficial to me and others.  

I feel that Christine was very encouraging and enlightening, and felt accepted and “at home” with the other members of the group.  

The course has made a definite impression on my life.  

Tracey Nimmo  


This has been an experience that I will never forget.  

This course has opened new doors that I have never thought about. I have never had any problems with my confidence level, but since doing this course I feel that my confidence has gone sky high and sees no limits.  

I can honestly say that I enjoyed every part of the course, even though I had reservations about doing it. I was really fascinated by the dicussion in class on “self talk” and the huge impact it has on changing our lives.  

I came to terms with the notion that nothing in life has to be done, because we always have choice and we are the moving factor in the direction our lives take. Basically there isn’t a living soul in this world that is responsible for you and you are either your best friend or your worst enemy.  

As I have already mentioned this course was an interesting experience, one that will forever remain with me. I highly recommend this course to everyone, and urge people who are not happy with themselves or are unsure of themselves to take the course.  

However, one thing to be mentioned, this course would not be what it is if it wasn’t run by a caring, energetic and full of life person. So I would like to use this opportunity to thank Ms. Christine Savage for all her love and understanding.  

This course, and what we have uncovered about ourselves, would not be the same without Christine, she has given us hope and shown us the brighter side to life.  

There is no doublt in my mind that this has helped me in my life and I can not say think you enough.  

Valentina Bandilovski - Engineer of Biology



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