For more than a decade, financial strategist Loral Langemeier has used her company, Live Out Loud, to help thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide create their own financial freedom and path to success and wealth.  Now, for the first time, she and corporate speaker John C. Robinson have provided the forum where dozens of Live Out Loud graduates can share their stories of phenomenal success in business and in life.

If you are searching for that one strategy you can implement today to help your own business grow and prosper, the Entrepreneur Success Stories book is filled with hundreds of ideas to choose from!


The Ultimate Benefit!

Most of us never move forward in life or in business because we get stuck on the “How”. Well, that’s about to change: the Entrepreneur Success Stories book series, created by Loral Langemeier and John C. Robinson, contains a multitude of proven blueprints on how to create wealth and succeed in life or business.


Here is what you get when you purchase the Entrepreneur Success Stories book:

▪ For the first time ever, Loral and John disclose the Entrepreneur’s Blueprint for Success  

▪ Learn how to recognize the entrepreneurial opportunity … and act on it!

▪ Wealth building strategies that really work

▪ How to grow a business to over a million dollars in gross revenue

▪ The keys to success – plain and simple!

▪ Why believing in yourself can be the most powerful thing you’ll ever do

▪ Practical tips for anyone wanting to start a business when starting with little or no   entrepreneurial experience

▪ How to successfully transition from a 9-5 job into an entrepreneurial life

▪ The art of creating multiple streams of niche market revenue

▪ Why attitude affects everything and how you can easily change your results simply by   changing your perspective

▪ Breaking the spell of the saboteur

▪ How to create real success as an entrepreneur and give back through philanthropy

▪ And much, much more!






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Entrepreneur Success Stories Book                                                                           








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 Entrepreneur Success Stories

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Christine Heart Savage  in her chapter "Breaking Free Of The Black Curtain" tells of her recovery from breakdown...  her life-changing twenty minutes in meditation and starting her own business in a frank, authetic and raw piece of writing.

This book presents many engaging and inspiring stories of ordinary people, achieving extraordinary results.

A must read!

“This is an extraordinary book, full of wonderful stories and inspiring lessons that can supercharge your ability to succeed.”

Brian Tracy – Author, The Way to Wealth

Loral Langemeier is the author of four previous bestsellers. She is a financial strategist, and is also a regular financial expert on Dr. Phil. 

John C Robinson is a corporate speaker who has authored books and information products for over 37 years. He has trained hundreds of entrepreneurs worldwide on how to practice the art of persistence as part of starting and growing a successful business.

Loral Langemeier

Christine Heart Savage

 Contributing Author  


John C Robinson