Living Beyond Stress, Anxiety & Overwhelm

9 Steps to Freedom

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A Journey Of  Breakdown And Resurrection

Moving From Chaos To Order


“In Christine's own raw, open and humorous style, she shares her personal journey through stress, anxiety, panic attacks and breakdown. She speaks about her road to recovery and her one hundred and eighty degree change in life direction.  

She speaks frankly about her past challenges and lack of skills to manage the chronic levels of stress and anxiety she was experiencing, that ultimately lead to her breakdown. She is candid about the impact this devastating time had on her and her children, and the valuable lessons she learned along the way.    

Christine shares the nine simple steps, along with other little treasures, she used to rebuild her life and find her place in the world.

Book Review

Living Beyond Stress, Anxiety and Overwhelm

9 Steps to freedom

  By Christine Heart Savage


What a great book.  Thanks Christine for the privilege and opportunity to be able to read it and then write a review.

There are many self-helps books available on our bookstore shelves today, but I have found none that match Christine’s openness and honesty as in: Living Beyond Stress, Anxiety and Overwhelm, 9 Steps to freedom.

Christine has put her heart and soul into this book as she explains her descent onto the depths of despair and then her incredible journey back from this dark place.

She writes openly about the challenges in her world that lead to her experiencing stress, panic attacks and her eventual breakdown.  At that time she did not possess the skills to prevent or reduce these symptoms so with shear determination she researched natural ways to deal with this and has come up with her 9 steps to freedom. 

It is a very strong and remarkable woman that can write with such heart rendering honesty about her marriage, her children and her journey with such honesty, humor and beautiful poetry.

The lessons in this book are the tools used by Christine in her healing work. She thoroughly believes in them, as they are the tools she used to heal herself.

Christine’s bubbly and enthusiastic personality shines through in every page as she explains the lessons, simply and assisted by simple illustration and anecdotes.

These are the lessons of life and my hope is that soon these will be taught to our children at school.  Until then, read this book and teach yourself and your friends and family how to Live Beyond Stress, Anxiety and Overwhelm.  

This book is highly recommended for anyone interested in self-healing; physically, emotionally and /or spiritually.


Review by Leanne Toogood

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For two decades, Christine has councelled and coached thousands of people through their chronic conditions of fear, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, chronic fatigue, soul searching and other conditions.    

If you are still searching for a light in your darkness, Christine can help.  She had been there and walks the talk.  She knows what works.    

Below is a recent email from a chronic stress and anxiety sufferer after her first session. This client hasn't yet been taught the skills required for day to day management, these teachings will start on session two, but she has tasted peace already. 

Email after email and text after text arrive with the same type of sentiment after just one session.  There really is light at the end of the tunnel!  Don't suffer, learn some new skills...


Thank you for my first session on Thursday, it was a truly amazing experience. I felt really relaxed and at peace, so thank you!  It is so great to know that the feeling of love and peace exists inside of me because I have never felt anything like that before.   (Name withheld)



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Chronic stress & anxiety ruin lives!

Don't let your stress get to a debilitating stage like I did.  Act now!   

Learn simple and powerful skills to greatly reduce the symptoms of stress, anxiety and panic attacks.

Life's a journey, that's for sure... Lets make it as comfortable as possible.

Learn how to manage your stress and anxiety and empower your self.