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Correct Breathing Technique


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Dr Irene Prantalos (TCM Doctor) 

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Venue: All Souls Sandringham                                   Saturday 27 Aug

Topic - Handling difficult situations                                                       

Experience the Alchemy of Breath  - Saturdays   



Stress Buster Trainings    Guaranteed Results    Corporate Uni's & Schools                                              

 How to live beyond Stress & Anxiety

 Correct breathing instruction


(This successful program is run in Universities nationally through Bupa Wellness)       






Christine on Breathing

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              Did You Know?

75 to 90% of all visits to primary care physicians result from stress-related disorders. 

Paul Rosch  M.D., President

American Institute of Stress

Don't let stress run your life!

  Stressed or Anxious?

Practical stress management and life skills education is a powerful step to personal power and success in life.  Learn to still your mind and return to a state of calm.


Stress and anxiety have grown to monumental proportions in todays society and they're causing major problems. Don't wait until stress builds up and causes significant complications in your business, relationships, health, and life.   


                                            Accessing a State of Calm  

Breathing is the foundation of good mental, emotional and physical health.

Are you breathing properly?    

Stressed and anxious people do not breathe well. 

Becoming stress free is easy when you learn to breathe correctly.


Contact Christine  ...Good breathing brings a sense of balance and calm.